The Long Covid Guide For Employers

Long-term sickness has always posed a large obstacle for employers and Citation has seen that this is set to rise, with more and more employees experiencing long COVID-19 symptoms. As a result, employers are losing increasing amounts due to work long-term sickness and, without the appropriate policies and procedures, this could be a huge loss for employers.

To help ICG members, our HR & Employment Law experts have created an exclusive guide on how to manage long-term sickness absences.

Long COVID: managing long-term absence | Free guide for employers

1.3 million people in the UK are estimated to be experiencing long COVID-19 symptoms*. In the UK alone, 32.5 million working days** have been lost due to work-related ill health in 2019/2020. Without the appropriate policies, procedures, and support in place for your employees, this could be hugely costly for you as an employer.

To support you in tackling this, the HR & Employment law experts of ICG Partner, have created an exclusive guide on managing long-term sickness absences.


From creating a policy and return-to-work processes, to avoiding a discrimination claim, this includes important advice from our experts on how to best manage long-term sickness absence, in a world which is consistently evolving due to COVID-19.

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