A video message from The ICG Directors, Chairman & Chief Executive

This looks like another challenging year for social care, a year when the Independent Care Group’s voice will be needed more than ever.

The Group continues to grow in terms of membership and the influence we have on social care issues. We must continue that growth in the coming 12 months.

During 2022, the ICG worked extremely hard to support our members through one of the toughest periods the sector has known.

The ICG was at the forefront in the campaign for change, lobbying for a better deal for the social care sector. We achieved a great deal of media coverage in newspapers and magazines and on radio and television, locally, regionally and nationally – surpassing anything we have done before.

And 2023 has begun in the same vein with demand for comment on issues, especially the current healthcare crisis, coming on a daily basis. This demonstrates the influential and respected voice we now have in the sector.

But as the challenges continue, we will need to maintain that momentum, keep our position of influence and keep campaigning for change. We need to be firm in our discussions levels on fees levels with both City of York and North Yorkshire County Council and the NHS. We also need to get out voice heard loud and clear on the new Integrated Care Boards.

And to do that we will need to be united and to keep our membership strong and growing.

I know that you value your membership of the Independent Care Group and I hope you will renew that membership for the coming year and join with us in the fight for a better deal for social care.

Fees from our members goes towards running the ICG for the benefit of our members and to support social care in our region and beyond.

Please help us in our quest to make social care better for all – Thank you once again for your continued support.



(We are offering 25% Off the below fees)


For the year starting 1st April 2023 the standard Members Fee of £395.00 (for all sectors) will apply for providers with annual turnover of less that 3m.

For providers with turnover 3m to 5m a fee of £595.00 will apply

For providers with turnover 5.01m to10m a fee of £795.00 will apply

For providers with turnover over 10m a fee of £995.00 will apply

The rationale

All members are fully represented equally and can all access the same services and media support. It avoids judging by separate locations and charges based on turnover.

For example: A 30-bed care home should have a turnover of c1.5m would see a small increase of 20.00 over 2019.

A care home group with 3 locations and 80 beds would have a turnover of c4.5m and would therefore pay 595.00 instead of 555.00 and additional 40.00 over 2019 rates.

Given the pressures on all Care Providers we have agreed for 2023 that we will offer a 25% reduction in the above cost and concentrate on developing new payment methods to make it easy for members to spread the cost. This will make the 2023 fees lower than in 2019 in most cases.

Cost of Membership – £395.00

Discount for 2022 – £100.00

Net Cost – £295.00

We will be able to offer 4 ways to pay your membership Fees:

1. By BACS in Full

2. By Credit Card in full

3. By Direct Debit Monthly

4. By Direct Debit Quarterly (For options 3 and 4, there will be an additional 5% charge added to the membership fee)

If you have any questions, please contact:

John Pattinson
Chief Executive
t: 07956 484 754e: johnpattinson@independentcaregroup.co.uk