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ICG furious over NHS jab decision

By paul.grahamslaw | Nov 3, 2021

The Independent Care Group isCG furious after the Government delayed compulsory Covid-19 vaccination for NHS staff until April but continued with the plan for care…


Avert crisis by investing in care, Chancellor urged

By paul.grahamslaw | Oct 25, 2021

THE CHANCELLOR must avert a major crisis in the care of older and vulnerable people by investing in the sector this Wednesday, The Independent Care…


Report exposes hidden scandal of unmet care need

By paul.grahamslaw | Oct 22, 2021

OLDER and vulnerable people left without the care they need is a hidden scandal that needs to be exposed, the Independent Care Group warned today.…


No lessons learned from pandemic, ICG warns

By paul.grahamslaw | Oct 12, 2021

THE Government continues to ignore a crisis in social care that left the care of our oldest and most vulnerable exposed to the Covid-19 pandemic,…


Stop criticising and start supporting the care sector, says ICG

By paul.grahamslaw | Oct 4, 2021

The Independent Care Group (ICG) today called for Health Secretary Sajid Javid to stop criticising care workers and start tackling the crisis in the sector.…


Government urged to get a grip on social care

By paul.grahamslaw | Sep 27, 2021

The Independent Care Group today called on the Government to step in and tackle the crisis in social care like it is doing over petrol…


Government must act as social care starts to break

By paul.grahamslaw | Aug 23, 2021

The Independent Care Group (ICG) today renewed its appeal for urgent Government action as more and more care providers hit difficulties. They say the Government…


Recall Parliament to tackle crisis in social care staffing

By paul.grahamslaw | Aug 12, 2021

PARLIAMENT should be recalled for MPs to urgently tackle the staffing crisis in social care and recruit a task force of volunteers to help out,…


Fears for care as recruitment crisis deepens

By paul.grahamslaw | Jul 26, 2021

The Independent Care Group fears providers may soon not have enough staff to care for the country’s oldest and most vulnerable as a recruitment crisis…


ICG responds to Covid-19 death figures released by CQC

By paul.grahamslaw | Jul 21, 2021

YEARS of neglect and under-funding meant the care of older and vulnerable people was in crisis when the pandemic struck and tragedy was inevitable, the…