ICG Chair’s thanks for ‘blood, sweat and tears’ from heroic social care workers

Ahead of NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers’ Day on Monday (5 July), ICG Chair Mike Padgham said the country owed care workers a huge debt of gratitude as well as a better future.

Mr Padgham said: “To my own 140 amazing staff, to the thousands working across North Yorkshire and the hundreds of thousands up and down the country I say today, “a million times, thank you”.

“I feel at once proud to be part of the social care sector and at the same time humbled by the brave, selfless way keyworkers have responded to the pandemic.

“It has taken a heroic effort to go to work, either in care and nursing homes or to look after someone in their own home, with this cruel and frightening virus in our midst.

“Each and every one of them has put their own health and safety to one side to ensure that those who rely upon them for their care and quality of life do not go without.

“It is right that we celebrate those carers on Monday, alongside all other NHS and frontline workers who have fought relentlessly to get us through the pandemic.

“They have shed blood, sweat and tears as Covid-19 robbed the country of loved ones in care settings and have been left battered, bruised and emotionally drained.

“We aren’t through Covid-19 yet, but I hope that we very soon will be and we will then owe care workers, amongst others, a great debt of gratitude.

“I hope that they are rewarded with the long overdue reform of the social care sector that should give them all a better, brighter future that they have earned these past 16 months.”

Mr Padgham has also joined with Richard Flinton, Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council, to record a video of thanks for all social care workers.

“I look forward to Monday 5th July when the country comes together to loudly and publicly thank our social care staff and other NHS and frontline workers for all that they have done this past 15 months. They richly deserve that recognition,” Mr Padgham added.