Give care workers a bonus this year

Mike Padgham, the chair of Independent Care Group, on the debt we owe social care staff and frontline workers, and his hopes for reform of the sector.

Care workers and the NHS have been at the frontline in the fight against Covid-19 and, with other key workers, have put their own health and safety to one side to care for others. We owe them all such a debt of gratitude.

The virus will not stop for Christmas so please remember all those who have responded so magnificently this year and who won’t get a Christmas holiday: the emergency services, doctors, nurses, and care workers.

As a campaigner for social care, I want to see better recognition for care workers – the government could start by following Wales and Scotland and giving all care staff a £500 bonus.

And I want to see a promise of proper reform of social care, so that the sector is not in such a dreadful state as it was when coronavirus struck. I want to see the vaccine rolled out quickly to all those vulnerable people who need it most, and to the staff who are caring for them.

I want our vulnerable people and our care workers to be safe. After a dreadful and traumatic year, that is what I want for Christmas.
Mike Padgham
Chair, Independent Care Group