Elevated Cyber Threat Following Russian Invasion Of Ukraine: Advice For Care Providers

NHS Transformation Directorate (formerly NHSX) and Digital Social Care have reiterated their call for care providers to protect themselves against the elevated cyber threat following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In particular, care providers should:

– Use the Data Security and Protection Toolkit to assess cyber security arrangements

– Notify IT teams and IT suppliers to take action to protect systems

– Create or update data and cyber security Business Continuity Plans

– Follow correct procedures for conducting back-ups

– Consider purchasing cyber insurance

– Report any cyber incidents. Contact the National Cyber Security Centre via ncsc.gov.uk.

ICG is working very closely with the Social Care Digital Programme to support members (and non members) to register for and work through, the Data Security and Protection Toolkit – we are urging all members (and non members) to take up the offer of support particularly with the current threat in mind, and also because the Data Security Protection Toolkit is a gateway to access a variety of additional IT products which will assist providers in accessing things like the summary care record, electronic red bag etc.

To register your interest for support,  contact: joshuaneedham@independentcaregroup.co.uk
You can also access a FREE consultation for members brought to you by ‘Digital Social Care’ by clicking here