Carers Need Help As Covid-19 Restrictions Ease Providers Call For Cash Support For Sector

Independent Care Group


30th March 2022


Carers Need Help As Covid-19 Restrictions Ease

Providers Call For Cash Support For Sector


CAMPAIGNERS are calling on the Government to help social care as it faces a fight to survive as Covid-19 restrictions ease.
The Independent Care Group (ICG) is worried that financial support for care providers during Covid-19 is ending even though they are still facing hardship.
ICG Chair Mike Padgham said: “The Covid-19 pandemic, sluggish occupancy and the growing cost of living crisis have left the sector on its knees.

“Now the fund set up to help us to staff the Covid-19 pandemic is ending and nothing is being put in its place.

“We are pleased that restrictions are being relaxed and care and nursing homes are being encouraged to open up again – it has been very hard on residents and their relatives to be separated these past two years.

“But Covid-19 hasn’t gone away and if a care or nursing home has two or more cases it cannot accept new admissions for 10 days, which is bound to compound current financial difficulties.

“If we are to reopen and relax restrictions, with all the risks that that will bring, we must have some support or more and more providers are going to go to the wall.”

The ICG has warned that the increase in National Insurance contributions will hit those working in social care.

Mr Padgham added: “The National Insurance levy will ultimately help social care but initially it is all being funneled to the NHS with very little coming our way.

“And to add insult to injury, the National Insurance increase to pay for it will take money away from those working in the sector during a cost-of-living crisis.”

The ICG argues that more funding is urgently needed for social care to pay its staff properly, to reward them for the work they do and to address the staffing crisis hurting the sector.

Mr Padgham added: “We need that extra funding straight away and cannot wait for the NHS to absorb all available money first. And we should be funding it through income tax, so that those who can afford most pay most and it doesn’t fall disproportionately on the lower paid.”


Media Contact: Mike Padgham, 01723 502414 or 07971 111062.


  • Social care currently looks after 400,000 people in care and nursing homes – that is three times the number in NHS hospital beds. Social care looks after a further 640,000 people in their own homes.

Note to editors: The Independent Care Group is a recognised representative body for independent care providers (private and voluntary). It works on behalf of care providers for all client groups including care homes, domiciliary care agencies, supported living and extra care housing providers, and day care centres in the private and voluntary parts of the independent sector.