Care sector “did Queen Elizabeth proud”

The social care sector did Queen Elizabeth proud during her funeral yesterday, the Independent Care Group (ICG) said today.

“Many tears were shed, silences observed and glasses raised in toast as up and down the country those in care settings paid their respects to a very, very special monarch,” said Mike Padgham, ICG Chair.

“I was very moved by the way care and nursing homes all over the country responded to yesterday’s funeral.

“And colleagues in homecare showed that care continues 24/7 by foregoing their opportunity to watch the funeral to ensure that people who benefit from care in their own home got what they needed on what would be a special day for them too yesterday.

“For many older people, the Queen was a very important and very special part of their lives, they are of similar age and have shared so much experience and history. I know from my own homes and from those across the country how keenly her loss has been felt.

“I pay tribute to all the care providers who worked so hard to ensure that their residents could properly pay their respects, not just yesterday but ever since Queen Elizabeth passed.

“There have been many gatherings, books of condolence, special buffets, music, cakes and decorations as care settings paid their respects.

“These are difficult times for care providers as they struggle with staff shortages and the cost-of-living crisis but, not for the first time, those amazing people working in care went the extra mile to ensure their residents could fully participate in this historic occasion.

“I think across the United Kingdom care providers did Queen Elizabeth proud yesterday and I salute each and every one of them.”