Alliance sends Valentine’s Day plea for social care

CARE PROVIDERS across Yorkshire are today sending heartfelt St Valentine’s Day messages to the region’s MPs and council leaders urging them to show some love for social care.

Members of the Yorkshire and The Humber Care Association Alliance (YHCAA) are writing to their MPs and council leaders asking them to lobby for social care reform.

They want an increase in the fees paid by local authorities to commission care because the rates currently paid do not reflect the true cost of delivering care.

And they want to see reform of social care to ensure there is enough funding available to pay providers and their staff properly.

The letter says:

“Given the additional and ongoing problems for providers, our workforce, and the people we support set out in this letter, I urge you to question the Government on the much-needed support and planning within adult social care, to create a sustainable future for those who need and work in our sector.”

YHCAA Member Mike Padgham, who chairs the Independent Care Group for York and North Yorkshire, said:

“On Valentine’s Day, we are contacting MPs and council leaders urging them to show some love for social care and the role it plays in providing compassionate help and support to the country’s most vulnerable.

“We would like them to appreciate the vital role social care plays, not just in providing irreplaceable care to people in their own homes and in nursing and care homes, but also in supporting the NHS.

“At the moment the sector is on its knees, after years of underfunding, the impact of the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis and now the challenge of meeting a higher than-expected increase in the National Living Wage.

“Little wonder that we are seeing more and more providers handing back care contracts, reducing services and even closing down.”

James Creegan, CEO of Kirklees Care Association, added:

“This is a critical period for social care, here in Yorkshire and across the country. There is a real risk that levels of support available are going to fall through a lack of provision and we will end up with social care deserts, as well as dentist deserts.

“We hope that, through a concerted effort to write to all of our MPs and council leaders, they will lobby for change and, in the case of MPs, ensure that social care reform is included when the main parties draw up their manifestos for the coming General Election.”

The letter calls for an urgent review of support available to adult social care, with a review of why expected grants and support have not been received to support proportionate fee uplifts for the sector and a long-term plan for social care to ensure its sustainability.

It adds:

“We ask that you, as our MP and as members of your constituency, raise our concerns in parliament, calling for support from your party in addressing these issues and their real-life impact on the most vulnerable in our society.”